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Jona Tech offer’s website design & development services for the following local areas in Michigan but Jona Tech can work globally with any client with the power of the internet…

Novi Website Design & Development
Northville Web Design & Development
Livonia Website Design & Development
Bloomfield Hils Website Design & Development
Farmington Web Design & Development
Michigan Web Design & Development

Jona Tech, has a very simple website design & development process simply illustrated in the flow below.

The first step in the design process is to pick the name of your website or domain name.  You’ll need to find a domain name registrar to register it if it is available.

The second step is to provide us examples of what you like on a website.  You have probably come across a website and thought something was really cool about.  Well, our team of expert web developers can probably incorporate that in your website as well.

The 3rd step would be for Jona Tech to provide you website design examples based on what you like.

The 4th step is for you to choose the website design concept you like the best.  Jona Tech will iterate on that design for your home page and inner pages until you are satisfied.

Once your website is completed, Jona Tech can maintain your website for a small fee for changes.  By letting us perform the website maintenance task, you can focus on your core business competencies.

If you are interested in maintaining your own website after it’s completed, see Jona Tech’s recommended website and graphics design software

Website Design & Development - JonaTechStep1

Pick your domain/website name

Website Design & Development - Web Examples

Provide us example websites

Website Design & Development - Client Examples

We provide website designs

Website Design & Development - Client Satisfaction

You pick web design and we develop until you are satisfied

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