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With the Android operating system clearly the dominant smartphone operating system according to Nielsen in the chart below. That is why Jona Tech specializes in Android Mobile Application development.

Mobile applications on an Android phone can benifit your company in several ways:

1) EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY – via an Android Smartphone App will allow your employees on the road to connect to your company’s server and databases. This connectivity will allow your employees to have the latest and up to date information to present to your customers.

2) INCREASED REVENUE – via an Android Smartphone App will allow your customers to purchase your application through the Google Playstore. Your mobile app can be an extension of your business services or something totally unique.

3) BRAND AWARENESS – by using an Android Smartphone App allows your customer preview your business services. The more awareness they have through a Smartphone Application, the more traffic it could drive to your website.

Still not sure if an Anroid Smart Phone can benefit you? Contact us today for a free consulation on the on smartphone applications.