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Website Hosting Providers – How to Choose

by JonaTech in at January 24, 2015

Website Hosting Servers


Basic Questions for Choosing A Website Hosting Provider – Part 1

So you’re looking for a website hosting provider for your new website? There is an endless amount of hosting providers to choose from and there are many variables that will drive your selection.  Here are basic questions to choosing the right Website Hosting Providers.

Is this website for personal or business?

Answering this question will drive what kind of website hosting provider you will need.  If the website is  just for personal use then you could could use free website hosting providers such as or
Free websites are usually supported by having some kind of banner ads on your website.  Free website hosting may also limit what kind of domain or website name you can use.  If neither of these factors bother you, then a free website hosting would be ideal for your personal website or blog.

Now if you need a website hosting provider for a business website then you’ll want to ensure that the provider you use has all the features you need and more importantly, the reliability.  There are so many professional website hosting providers that you need to answer more questions.  We normally prefer to use HostGator Website Hosting for many of our clients – more on this later.

Am I selling something tangible that needs to be shipped to a customer?

Answering this question will tell you if you need to have a shopping cart or just an informational website.  Most website hosting providers offer shopping cart applications like Magenta,  OsCommerce, ZenCart, and many others.  They are provided as part of you website hosting package and good website hosting providers will provide you a 1-click install option.  Some other website hosts that provide 1-click website installs are iPage, FatCow, and HostGator.

Keep in mind though, that even with the easy 1-click install options, you or your web developer needs to customize it.

How will I maintain my website once it is complete?

This question will depend on how technically savvy you and/or your staff are.  You also need to consider if maintaining a website is part of your core business.  If you plan on maintaining the website yourself you would need a website editing tool like Dreamweaver or Visual Studio (for .ASP, .NET) websites.  The easier alternative that JonaTech highly recommends is to use a Content Management System (CMS) for your site like WordPress.

Let’s just talk about WordPress, one of most popular framework websites use today.  WordPress allows you to edit all your web content within your browser – no need for specialized tools.  You can upload, edit, scale all your images from the admin panel – no Photoshopping needed.  One of the most powerful feature of WordPress is it’s modular plugin capability.  Do you need help with SEO, there is a plugin for that.  Do you need help with a photo gallery?  There is plugin for that too.  There is a plugin for contact forms, sliding banners, sitemaps, and just about everything else you want to manage from a website.  This can all be done right from a web browser anywhere anytime if you have access to the Internet.  You can even edit your website from the WordPress Smpartphone App available for iPhones and Android Phones.  If I sound like I’m excited about WordPress, I am!  I’ve converted all my clients to WordPress…

These are just some high level questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a Website Hosting Provider. These are just key starter questions we use when we approach a potential new client.

Share some of the questions you ask when you start a web design project.


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